Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 99.

Random poll:

If you are reading this, would you might putting down in the comments section the number of people who you could call in times of struggle/despair/need? People who would drop everything to talk on the phone for a while, or come to you if they were able, pick you up if you were stranded with a flat tire, or do some other nice thing to let you know you are not alone?

All you have to do is put down the number that springs to mind after thinking about it for a second. (Of course you can write more if you like.) I am genuinely curious about this. Thanks for considering it.


  1. including family I'd say around 13 that I have no questions or reservations about. Some it could be for literally anything, a few I'd say would be for almost anything.

  2. 3. guess my circle of close friends is rather small.

  3. I'd say about 10-ish, including family. Thank you for making me think about this... sometimes we forget. I'm thankful.

    Sending you love. Hope you're well.

  4. thanks for answering, guys. just curious about this. good to be grateful for what we have. (and don't worry, mariclare. i have less than you! still grateful, though.)

  5. I think around 20- my immediate family is rather large and close and i think because of that I develop very deep friendships that endure.

    also mahfam: if i'm not on your short list. please add me. even if it wasn't obvious-- i'll pick up when you call, pick you up from wherever you need, and cuddle and hug you till you feel whatever you need.


  6. I'm very grateful for that offer, Shadia. Thank you. I don't take such things lightly. I love you and wanna make you brunch soon.

  7. I'd say probably 5, though I think my imagination is limited by the discomfort I feel in imagining a need to ask for serious help. That's really hard for me.

    Thank you for this question! It's inspiring me to reflect more deeply on what 'being there for someone' might mean to me.

  8. Katie, I know what you mean! I think that is part of why my number is so low, too. I have a really hard time asking for help . . . the harder of a time I'm having, the harder it is, too.

    May we both remember that it's okay to ask for help when we need it, just as we would hope our loved ones would ask for ours.