Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 214.

If only all weekends could be like this. Three days long, full of queers and brown folks, full of dancing and laughter and deepening connections and food and drink and sunshine.

Heart full.


  1. what did you do, who did you hang with, how were you loved?

  2. i worked, i ate, i danced, i walked, i talked, i flyer'd, i drank, i ate some more, i drank some more, i danced some more. then i slept. then i ate again and went outside and danced some more and sat around appreciating beauty. i was with the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful people, and surrounded by even more hot n lovely folks. i hugged, i danced, i laughed, i spilled drinks and checked out hot people. i sat around in the sun. it was really the best weekend ever and i want more!!!! thanks for asking, love.

    (also, people like me and see me . . . they listen when i talk and they care about what i feel and what i need and they want to dance with me. and that's nice, too.)

  3. you look more and more gorgeous and alive in these photos everyday.

  4. shadia, i wish you could see it in person!!! come back, love!