Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 445.

Sometimes you just have to make a fool out of yourself. Ask for something you want, even though you're pretty sure you won't get it. Do it because the asking is important. Because speaking your desire is a thing you've been taught not to do, and because it is in fact radical and revolutionary and beautiful and evolutionary to believe that your desire is worthwhile, deserving of a moment of recognition, deserving of being amplified. Even if it doesn't result in you getting what you want. You are allowed to want it! You are allowed to want, at all. In a world that says no, take these scraps that we throw you, and be grateful, in that world, a loudly spoken true desire is a big ol' FUCK YOU to everybody and every system that has ever said that I don't deserve to want and I don't deserve to dream that I get to have the kind of life that I want. I want what I want what I want. I want want want want want. I'm not attached to the getting of it. Just to the okayness of the wanting. It's totally fucking okay and human to want.

(Even if it means suffering is imminent & unavoidable. That's the next conversation.)

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