Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 151.

Nowhere to hide from the noise pollution of the Fourth of July.

Celebrating historical inaccuracies and the alleged independence of a few.
We are now the oppressed, trapped on the same land as our oppressors,
No idea of what it means to be free
No recollection of any moment of liberation
No other lands to run to and colonize in the name of liberty
(Not that we would, we who have been colonized, and realize it. Our memories and our traumas prevent us from repeating such barbarism, from commiting rape or murder or violating earth, just to have our way.)
Should we forget, we'd be reminded sooner or later:
By, for example, the sound of fireworks, so reminiscent of the sound of bombs dropping overhead (auditory memory branded into souls since time in utero.)

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