Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 195.

Echo Chamber

Build a home, and open the windows
But don't let the windows turn into doors
Unless you plan on walking out

Build a home, and leave the lights on
While you build another home
And leave the first one to itself, well-lit, yet unknowing

Build a life, and watch it grow
But hide from it when things get loud
Create another, silent life

Build a life, another life
In which everyone shares the same story
And no one else's voice is heard

Build a world, a world in which
You claim everyone's voice and needs matter
Except the ones of people you have left behind.


Build a world, a world in which
Your comrades aren't afraid to ask you
Who you are leaving behind

Build the world you said you wanted
Not the one that is convenient now
Build a world for everyone

Leave no one behind.


  1. Thanks, Susan. I have such deep love and appreciation for you.