Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 263.

"We're a culture, not a costume."

I had to argue with a white guy about this on fb today. (I know. "Had to." You should've seen what he was saying, though.) This was after having to confront some white kids dressed as "natives" this weekend, and ending the argument, because yes, of course, it turned into an argument, by sincerely trying to encourage them to just think about it.

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. I don't know if more and more people are dressing in racist costumes or if I'm just noticing it more. But once again, racism is ruining something I like. :(

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  1. Ooh-wee, I linked too quickly. The blog is okay, not terrible. I wouldn't necessarily put things the same way, though. Mostly I wanted to get the image of the posters out there. Think about it, folks!