Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 309.

You are a precious vehicle
A vessel
What are you transporting?
What are you allowing to move through you?
What are you making come alive?

We know: Everything about you is perfect as is
Who you ARE is perfect
What you do and what people see of you
That is about what you allow to happen,
What your existence and your choice facilitate, catalyze.
What are you choosing?
How are you creating the image of yourself?
Are you loving? Are you kind? Are you honest?
Do you intentionally cause harm?
When you unintentionally cause harm, do you take responsibility for it?
Do you imagine the impact your actions will have on others?
Do you blame? Shame? Guilt?
Others or yourself?
Do you assume? Do you ask? Do you accept people as they are, and love them?
Are you kind? To others and to yourself?
Because you have the capacity to be all of these things.
Are you using your power, your gift of life, of having a body, of being here now
For good?

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