Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 275.

Sometimes you just have to look a little crazed, like you've been crying buckets. Cuz you have been. Cuz you just noticed that other "friend" who decided to inform you of a change in your relationship via the good old-fashioned facebook unfriend. Cuz you can't stop thinking about all the people who claimed to care about you but haven't acknowledged your existence since you got dumped a few months ago. Cuz you can't stop thinking about the gossip about you that gets back around to you. Cuz you can't stop wondering why people are so mean, and if life is going to feel like high school until you die. Cuz you're unpacking, and it's exhausting, and you're finding little love notes from your ex all over the place - the ones that referenced things like the "years to come" that you'd surely share. Cuz you wish you could defend yourself, jump up on a building and scream, "YES, I am imperfect, but NO I am not evil, and NO I do not deserve this."

And also, you look like this because in the midst of your weeping, there were friends loving you and caring about you and knowing that you are beautiful and righteous and that doesn't mean you have to be anybody's version of perfect. And also, you look like this because crying is catharsis and even the things you don't understand have to be felt so that they may move through. And also, you look like this because it's all good.

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