Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 287.

Oh, yes
I deserve love
Big expansive ever-regenerating ever-blossoming love
In the face of my ugliest moments
Tenderly cradling me
Stroking my face
Whispering a song
In Farsi, reminding me of
Everything I have seen,
Everywhere I come from.
Everyone I have been.

Oh yes
I deserve love
Fierce, protective love
Cleaning the gravel out from my skinned knees
Pouring me a glass of water
Saying kind things about me in the company of strangers
Proclaiming loudly that I am the beloved
One who is worthy of the most high love.

Oh yes,
I deserve love
Quiet love
Subtle, secret, no-one-else's-business-but-ours love
3 am love,
5 am love,
Tears and opening and you-make-me-feel-things-I-haven't-felt-in-years love
Putting-the-fears-on-the-shelf-for-a-minute-and-reveling-in-it love
I-wish-I-knew-how-to-stop-hurting-you love
I-wish-I-knew-how-to-apologize-to-you love.

Oh. Yes.
I deserve love.
Baskets of fruit and chocolate delivered to my job Love.
Whimpers and secrets and letting the heart do the storytelling Love.
Letting the hands do the learning Love.
Building a home
Growing a family
Knowing each others friends and each others Loves Love.
Being happy for my happiness Love.
Feeling sorrow for my sorrow Love. 

I deserve love
Telling me the ways I've hurt my Loves
Pointing out my jagged bits
Reminding me of the ways I hurt myself
Daring me to dream bigger, be kinder, laugh louder
Daring me to love myself
Just. Like. This.
Daring me to believe
I deserve Love.

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