Friday, February 4, 2011

Cultivation. Day 1.

I just shaved my head. For those of you who know me, that shouldn't come as a surprise. What surprised even me, however, is that I'm feeling pretty sure that will be the last time for a while. Head-shaving has been many things to me - a practice, a morning time-saver, and an expression of gender, sexuality, and identity, amongst other things. I've done it routinely; I've done it after breakups and during manic phases of a lack of patience with myself.

It has also meant a lot to other people. And of course, whether or not their experience matters to me, people will always share. The random head rubs from people I don't know ("Excuse me? Do I know you? Please don't touch me without asking.") The questions. The solidarity with other baldies, whether they shave or are genetically follicle-y challenged. The remarks from usually straight, feminine women: "You can pull that off." (Translation - "You're still pretty enough to not challenge my heteronormative and otherwise mainstream sensibilities.")

It's not that I've been afraid of investing in a head full of hair - it's that I've invested in an ever-evolving hair-identity, to mirror my own ever-evolving identity. Well, I've decided it's time to let myself stretch and grow into a new investment. Cultivation. I will put energy and time into this physical aspect, and be open to the possibility that it will translate into putting energy and time into some other, less superficial, and hopefully more meaningful aspect as well. Who knows? Who knows if this is even really why I am doing it? Maybe I am just bored. Let's see how long I last.

I plan to post a photo every day. Maybe I'll write some things, too. Check back in and comment if you feel like it.

See you tomorrow!

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