Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 15.

It's cold and rainy and dreary outside. All I want to do is watch zombie movies and write love poems and drink tea. But I have to go to work in about an hour for the first of my back-to-back Friday night/Saturday morning shifts. I am not thrilled.

I'm fantasizing about buying a pair of galoshes and a big yellow rain jacket, so I can warmly walk anywhere without getting wet or cranky. Maybe even stomp in a puddle or three. This sounds like a worthwhile investment, and I think it needs to happen soon. I am also positively giddy about Prince coming to Oakland. My sweetie just bought us tickets for his Monday night show, and I can hardly wait until I can be united with The Purple One.

I am mostly thinking happy thoughts and feeling good about myself and the general direction things are heading. I relish these moments.


  1. i am completely and thoroughly jealous of your Prince tickets. there, i said it.

    but i'm really glad that you're going and i grudgingly hope you have an amazing time. LOL

  2. It's tonight! I'm so excited! I'll throw some panties onstage in your honor. :)