Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 39.

Survival Kit:

4 rolls toilet paper
1 box tampons, 2 pads
1 package baby wipes
1 travel size bottle contact solution
1 travel size bottle hand sanitizer
5 unicorn band-aids (if I get hurt during an emergency, I wanna look fabulous)
Other assorted bandages and gauze and adhesive tape and burn cream and things
4 gallons water, still
1.25 liters water, sparkling (see above about being fabulous)
1 liter Jameson Irish whiskey. Not joking.
5 boxes pre-cooked Indian food from Trader Joe's
8 Clif bars
2 cans beans
2 cans tuna
1 bag almonds
1 bag trail mix
1 bag dried apricots
1 bag dried pineapple
1 bar Ritter Sport dark chocolate with hazelnuts
3 days' worth of dog food
1 can opener
1 lighter
1 bar soap

Additional items:

1 person survival kit in car, including things like a hand crank flashlight/radio, tiny but warm blanket, poncho, etc.
Machete by my bed, as per the last 5 years or so
Assorted flashlights, candles, blankets around the house
Travel/camping gear in a big tub including camping stove & fuel, sleeping bags, headlamps

Items for use now in case of radiation poisoning:

1 big bottle multivitamins, including potassium iodide
2 bags kombu kelp (bean soup, anyone?)

Maybe I am being an alarmist. I don't know. :/

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  1. i want you by my side in the apocalypse, my friend. if we know it's coming, you better get your asses into some vehicle and get over here cuz we'll build the new land in the park across the street. or at least, we can share your kelp.