Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 141.

I'm excited. It's Pride weekend! Pride always gets me thinking, at least for a a little while, before it all blurs into parties and sunshine and bare boobies in Dolores Park. This time I'm thinking about how we humans often treat other humans as though they are disposable, and that Pride, for me, is a great time to point out that we are just the opposite. We are precious beings, each with a set of gifts and talents and contributions to make to our human family and our planet that no one else can make.

On a systemic level, humanity can't afford to discriminate against queers. It just can't! You leave 'em out, you won't progress, because everybody has something unique and beautiful to contribute. This is obviously true about any other group of people as well . . . I just have my gay-tinted glasses on right now. So if we're really talking about human progress (that is what we're talking about here, right?), then we just plain can't afford to treat people like they can be thrown away. This planet is a closed circuit, folks. People don't get thrown away and disappear . . . we're all still in this together, no matter how hard some people might try to push others out of their neighborhood or out of their church or out of queerness into a straightening out camp. 

This disposability vs. uniqueness argument also matters on the personal level. Pride is a time when I remember that this community is damn small. People run into ex's or old friends with whom they've had falling outs or have drifted away from, or people who they don't even know well but they're not particularly fond of for whatever reason. And what matters is how we treat each other, right? Because again, there's nowhere to banish "undesirables" to. We're all a part of the same community, and we've got to learn how to treat each other with respect. I'm not suggesting anyone act like they like anyone they don't, or that we don't have conversations about accountability and just pretend like everything is fine all the time. I'm talking about taking a look at our community and the individuals who make it up, and choosing to love them and respect them, imperfections and all. Because truly, we're all in this together.

Happy Pride.

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