Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 145.

It rained all day. It's June 28th, and it rained all day. Almost all of the customers who commented on this peculiarity today had to let me know that they didn't mind it at all. In fact, I love the rain. Or, It reminds me of home! Or even, It's so refreshing after the hot days we've been having. Even after saying, I've lived here 30 years and this has never happened before. It's unbelievable. 

Bay Area pseudo-positivity will not even stop in the face of the clear ramifications of a changing climate. It's like we're not allowed to admit that anything is fucked up at all, for fear that somebody will think we are whiny or negative, or heaven forbid, radically left and trying to change things. 

I mentioned to one person that it made me a bit worried for summer crops, and he said, "Oh, I didn't even think of that. The farmers." As though the farmers are the only ones who have to worry about crops. As though those crops don't feed us. As though we don't have to pay for that produce. As though food prices aren't rising rapidly. As though many of us don't have enough to eat and can't afford to buy that expensive, precious produce.

And It Rained All Night, by Thom Yorke
And It Rained All Night by GlitchComputer


And it rained all night and washed the filth away
Down New York airconditioned drains
The click click clack of the heavy black trains
A million engines in neutral

The tick tock tick of a ticking timebomb
Fifty feet of concrete underground
One little leak becomes a lake
Says the tiny voice in my earpiece
So I give in to the rhythm
The click click clack
I'm too wasted to fight back
Tick tack goes the pendulum on the old grandfather clock

I can see you
But I can never reach you

And it rained all night and then all day
The drops were the size of your hands and face
The worms come out to see what's up
We pull the cars up from the river

It's relentless

So how come it looks so beautiful?
How come the moon falls from the sky?

I can see you
But I can never reach you

I can see you
But I can never reach you

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